Here at Somerset SMBA, we decided a standard list of dates just wouldn’t cut it, and we have integrated a Google Calendar into the website.

The purpose of this, will allow direct event invitations to be sent out from the Calendar itself (via email) it gives you, the ability to synchronise events at a click of a button with your own iCloud (Apple) Calendar or Outlook (Microsoft) Calendar as well as with Google Itself.

It allows the Association to add and amend dates, without the rigmarole of having to edit a whole list.

When you click on an event in the calendar, it will show you all the details, what its for, where it will be held, the option to add it to your own calendar, and then you’ll be able to download the relevant entry form from the competition page and send it back (with the entry fee!) to Keith Hawkins the Competition Secretary, just like that. No more having to wait for forms to be emailed out to Club Secretaries!

We can now add Club and League Tournament dates to our calendar, so if you’d like your League Or Club Tournament to be included, please contact James Scoins or Keith Hawkins.


Diary 2017/18 available to download as a .Pdf file