Taunton and District League Cup

Taunton & District League has been running for over 20 years, it is made up of 2 divisions, and the clubs play 2 Pairs and 2 Triples, Home and Away, over 10 ends. The League has now introduced a League Cup, which is a straight knockout. The Cup is run on a Handicap basis, with each team that finishes below the Division 1 winners, having a +1 shot per position they finish behind, this is on a per mat basis.

the standard league rules of play apply, with tied games decided on an ‘Ends Won’ Basis.

The inaugural winners in 2017 were Kingscliffe (+0) who beat Middlezoy (+1)

Final Results were Kingscliffe 6pts 40shots Middlezoy 4pts 35shots

The Final took place at Oake Village Hall, kindly hosted by Oaktree SMBC, with many people turning out to see the final.


League Cup Stages 2017

Preliminary Round:

Game 1 – Langport & Huish (+5) vs Kingscliffe Acorns (+12): Result 5pts – 5pts 0 Shot Difference: Langport win – Most Ends Won

Game 2 – Kingscliffe Acorns (+0) vs Burrowbridge (+9): Result 6pts – 4pts + 4 shots: Kingscliffe Oaks

Game 3 – Bradford on Tone (+4) vs Combwich (+8): Result: Bradford on Tone due to Combwich withdrawing

Quarter Finals

Game A – Middlezoy (+1) vs Winner Game 1 Langport & Huish (+5): Result 10pts – 0pts + 25 Shot Difference: Middlezoy

Game B – Kingsmead (+7) vs Ashcott (+10): Result 0pts – 10pts +15 shot difference: Ashcott

Game C – Winner Game 2 Kingscliffe Oaks (+0) vs Winner Game 3 Bradford on Tone (+4): Results 10pts – 0pts + 26 shot difference: Kingscliffe Oaks

Game D – Creech St Michael (+11) vs Compton Dundon (+2): Results 8pts – 2pts +21 shot difference: Creech St Michael

Semi Finals

Winner Game D Creech St Michael (+11)┬ávs Winner Game A Middlezoy (+1): Results 2pts – 8pts + 6 shot difference: Middlezoy

Winner Game B Ashcott (+10) vs Winner Game C Kingscliffe Oaks (+0): Results 2pts – 8pts + 4 shot difference: Kingscliffe Oaks


Middlezoy (+1) vs Kingscliffe Oaks (+0): Results 4pts – 6pts + 5 shot difference: KINGSCLIFFE OAKS