Match: ICC group game 5 of 6

Date: Sunday 27th November, 10.15 start

Venue: Donyatt Indoor Bowling Club

Food: Carvery £6

Match Fee: £2

The Premier Team require 56 points from their remaining two games to qualify for the main competition (3 out of 4 per session)

The A Team require two wins against Devon to be sure of qualifying for the main competition, and still have a good chance of topping the group.


Jack Baker (Kingscliffe)

Jack Bradley (Merriott)

Val Beech (Templecombe)

Alan Berry (Templecombe)

Hazel Berry (Templecombe)

Ian Bolton (Compton Dundon)

Roger Brown (Comeytrowe)

Andrew Church (Evercreech)

Dawn Church (Evercreech)

Kevin Cotteril (Oaktree)

Andrew Cowlin (Kingscliffe)

Catherine Cowlin (Kingscliffe)

Martin Cowlin (Kingscliffe)

Kenny Glover (Middlezoy)

Linda Glover (Middlezoy)

Justin Haskins (West Shepton)

Carol Hawkins (Kingscliffe)

Keith Hawkins (Kingscliffe)

Aimee Hutchinson (Martock)

Celia Jeans (Templecombe)

Chris Jeans (Templecombe)

Barry Keirle (Kingscliffe)

Craig Lyttle (Ilchester)

Nic Mergal (Comeytrowe)

Rick Mergal (Comeytrowe)

Neil Middleton (Stoke Sub Hamdon)

Alex Newton (Martock)

George Nicholls (Bradford on Tone)

Sandra Odams (Compton Dundon)

Andy Pinkawa (Templecombe)

Mike Pinkawa (Templecombe)

Sue Pinkawa (Milborne Port)

James Scoins (Kingscliffe)

Chris Shakeshaft (Kingscliffe)

Frank Smith (Merriott)

Sue Smith (Hadspen)

Dan Winmill (Kingscliffe)

Sophie Wright (Templecombe)

Carole Wyatt (Hadspen)

Eileen Zoers (Comeytrowe)