On the 7th April, at approximately 6pm, the ESMBA convened an Extraordinary General Meeting at Melton Mowbray IBC to discuss the proposed increase in registration fee from £3 to £4 to include Personal Accident Insurance

After a brief run through by the Sutton Winson  Representative (Insurance Brokers), ESMBA Chairman Barry Hedges, took questions regarding the cover from the delegates and other attendee’s.

Some delegates raised the issue as to whether the EGM was legitimate in accordance with the ESMBA Constitution, and others raised the issues of not having had any paperwork.

James Scoins, addressed the Chairman and meeting, querying what would happen to the surplus if the premium was reduced in the future. The Chairman replied that the surplus would be added to main funds. James suggested, that the surplus could be ‘ring-fenced’ to cover any future increases, and the Chairman agreed that this was a good idea, and it could be placed into a separate savings account.

Somersets Committee, had instructed delegates Keith Hawkins and James Scoins, to support the motion, and the vote passed by 31 votes to 16. Nigel Nicholls (Cornwall) and David Bubb (Gloucestershire) acted as independent tellers.

The ESMBA element of the  Registration Fee will be increased from £3 to £4 from the 1st September 2017, this is also when Cover will commence