On Sunday 20th August 2017, Somerset convened their AGM at Donyatt IBC.

The Chairman Geoff Nixon opened the meeting, and spoke of the reduction in members, the loss of a club that was formed over 30 years ago, and had been the Club of prominent County and National Team Bowlers. He referred to Deryck Lemons development proposal that was adopted by the Committee.

Geoff also then stunned the delegates and Committee Members by announcing that he had decided that after over 20 years of being part of the Somerset Committee, he had decided to let someone else take the reins, and was withdrawing his name from the nominations.

Chris Jeans proposed a vote of thanks, and Geoff was duly applauded.

Eileen Zoers, the Stalwart County Secretary, reported on the number of committee meetings, and how they had been scheduled to start earlier, which would lead to a hoped earlier finish, this had not happened, and the meetings still overran. these meetings had focused on the finances, job descriptions, changes to the County Competitions.

Eileen, referred to her becoming Secretary in 1992, and that due to many reasons, had decided she was going to stand down.

James Scoins, proposed a vote of thanks, for both her 25 years of service as County Secretary, and her husband Keith Zoers service alongside her as the former Competition Secretary. they were both duly applauded.

Officers Elected for 2017/18

Chairman: Deryck Lemon

Vice Chairman: James Scoins

Secretary: Carol Hawkins

Treasurer: Liz Rixon

Competition Secretary: Keith Hawkins

Mendip Rep: Ian Bolton

South Somerset Rep: Alan Berry (also County Safeguarding Officer)

Taunton Deane Rep: James Scoins (will continue to do role)

West Somerset Rep: None; but potentially could be merged with Taunton Deane in Future.

Sedgemoor Rep: Judith Shackleford

Membership Secretary: Judith Shackleford.*NB: This is a new role, as previously was a Co-opted position – Constitution Amendment was approved.

The Somerset Short Mat Bowls Association Committee, on behalf of its Membership, would like to convey their deepest thanks to Geoff Nixon, Eileen & Keith Zoers and Mike Prowse for their Contribution and hard work in promoting and organising Short Mat Bowls in Somerset over the past few decades.