The Weekend of the 28th/29th saw Somersets Premier and A Rinks Teams travel to Daventry IBC for the Finals of the ICC Rinks Competition.

The A Rinks were on the 28th, and saw Somerset begin their fight to defend their Rinks Title.

Somerset were drawn against local rivals Devon, Essex and Northamptonshire.

Somerset played Northants first, and enjoyed a 14 shot victory, they then faced Essex, who had lost by 11 to Devon, losing to them by 7 shots. Devon meanwhile played Northants, beating them by 25. Somersets third game saw a local derby, Devon vs Somerset, with Essex playing Northants, and having a 22 shot win, it meant Somerset needed a good win to top the group. Somerset eventually pulled the win out of the bag, with a 14 shot victory and topping the group with 4points and +33 shots, compared to Devons +22, and Essex’s +18

Somerset then met rivals North Yorkshire in the Final, Somerset had beaten North Yorks both in the Rinks Finals (Group Stage) last year, and in the ICC SemiĀ Final. North Yorks who have a newly strengthened team, with the addition of Scotlands Lawrence Moffat, and former Somerset Players Bronagh and Lee Toleman, along with British Isles Pairs Winners Ben Render & Danny Langdon attacked straight away, and beat defending champions Somerset by 36 shots.

The Premier Rinks on the 29th, saw Somerset Prem drawn against Northants, West Sussex and Herefordshire.

Somersets first game, saw them face Northants, who like Somerset boast many former and currentĀ England players. Somerset led from the beginning on 2 rinks, eventually pulling back on 3, eventually securing a 14 shot win.

Somerset then faced West Sussex, and got off to a slow start, dropping 3 rinks, and losing by 15 shots, whilst Northants secured a 33 shot victory over Herefordshire.

with Northants facing West Sussex, who had 27 shot win over Herefordshire in their first game, Somerset needed a big win, Somerset after suffering a big defeat on 1 rink, clawed a 21 shot win, as Northants beat West Sussex by 15.

Northants finally topped the group with +34 and went on to face Devon in the Final,

Northants took an early lead against Devon, finally securing a 15 shot win over last years Premier Rinks Champions.

Somersets Rinks Teams were:


Sandra Odams, Dean Rundle, Rick Mergel, Ian Bolton

Linda Glover, Roger Brown, Celia Jeans, Justin Haskins

Chris Jeans, Andy Church, Val Beech, Nic Mergel

Ken Glover, Dawn Church, Matt Chapman, Neil Middleton


Carol Hawkins, Sue Smith, Barry Keirle, Keith Hawkins

Alan Berry, Sophie Wright, Dan Winmill, Andy Pinkawa

Catherine Cowlin, Martin Cowlin, Lewis Pinkawa, Chris Shakeshaft

George Nicholls, James Scoins, Hazel Berry, Andrew Cowlin